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Amsterdam City Games and Events

For teambuilding, we have developed some hilarious games in the old town of Amsterdam. They all start and end in a 17th century café on the edge of the Red Light District.

Pub Expedition€17,50

In teams you discover the absolute best sailor bars! You will also find out some information regarding the red light district during this outing. This oldest part of Amsterdam is most definitely most exciting.

GPS Amsterdam€20

Discover Amsterdam with our GPS hunt. You will be zigzagging your way around Amsterdam in teams of no more than 6 people. You will take some photographs on your way and try to answer some questions.

Sex in the city€17,50

A hilarious hunt in the red light district. The sex museum, the Cockring and the Bananenbar; just some of the places you’ll be passing by. You’ll also visit the place of offence where a prostitute was once murdered.